BReakthrough CAmpaign 2023 Launch Dinner

On Wednesday 30 November 2022 Jnetics were delighted to welcome 200 guests to the beautiful Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in Piccadilly for a special and important event.

The purpose of the evening was to inform key supporters about The Jewish Community BRCA Testing Programme and to launch Jnetics’ BReakthrough CAmpaign 2023.

Jnetics in partnership with Chai Cancer Care has recently been appointed by NHS England, to help support the new BRCA programme, scheduled for launch early 2023, for which anybody with one Jewish grandparent will be eligible.

“This is a lifesaving breakthrough for the Jewish Community” Anthony Angel, Chair of Trustees commented. “Around 1 in 40 Jews, many times more than in the general population, are carriers of BRCA gene mutations that increase the risk of cancer. This programme will detect those of us at higher risk, before cancer develops, so improving outcomes and saving lives.”

The guests were addressed by Professor Ranjit Manchanda of Barts Cancer institute, whose research helped lay the groundwork for BRCA screening, and by Professor Peter Johnson CBE, National Clinical Director for Cancer at NHS England, who chairs The Jewish Community’s BRCA Testing Programme Expert Advisory Group. The guests were entertained on the piano by the incredibly talented composer and conductor Debbie Wiseman OBE and the flawless mastery of Jack Liebeck on the violin (who were delighted to support this initiative).

“Jnetics’ Breakthrough Campaign, to support the new BRCA programme alongside our existing screening work, will run through 2023 including our Matched Funding campaign in March,” Nicole Gordon, Jnetics CEO explained. “We are already gearing up for the BRCA programme launch. This is a wonderful opportunity for our community but to ensure delivery in an effective and responsible manner will put a strain on our resources, so explaining to our supporters and the community as a whole the critical importance of this work is important” she added.

The funds raised by the Breakthrough Campaign 2023 will allow Jnetics to continue to support education and testing for 47 life threatening recessive genetic disorders within the Jewish community whilst taking on the BRCA engagement campaign for the NHSE and improving BRCA education in partnership with NHS England and Chai Cancer Care. This is a very exciting time for the charity which was established 12 years ago but has grown exponentially in recent years.

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