Covid-19 Update – Screening with the Jnetics Clinic

All clinic appointments are now taking place online. Appointments can be booked by clicking here.

We educate and test sixth form students in the eight mainstream Jewish secondary schools in the UK.
We also deliver ‘University Screening Week’, a week-long online carrier testing event for UK-based students with at least one Jewish grandparent.

Jnetics is a registered charity dedicated to improving the prevention and management of Jewish genetic disorders in the UK.

We focus on genetic conditions that, though not exclusively Jewish, are of particular relevance to people of Jewish ancestry.

Our core activities include:

– awareness-raising
– signposting to the best available information, services and support
– providing carrier screening for the most severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders.

Jewish Genetic Disorders

Learn more about the different conditions.

Getting Tested

Find out about community screening and other testing options available.


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Hereditary Cancers

Learn more about BRCA-associated and other hereditary cancers.

Healthcare Professionals

Information about Jewish Genetic Disorders for Healthcare Professionals.


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