The Jnetics Clinic

The Jnetics Clinic operates virtually via video call. Once you have booked your appointment and filled the registration form, we will then send a screening pack to you in the post (including a cheek swab kit).  The genetic counsellor will send you a ZOOM link in advance of the appointment. During the call she will give you instructions about providing your sample and posting it back to us/the lab.

About The Jnetics Clinic

Jnetics offers carrier testing for severe RECESSIVE genetic disorders that are of particular relevance to people with Jewish ancestry via The Jnetics Clinic

The test offered at the clinic is suitable for those with Ashkenazi, Sephardi/Mizrahi or mixed ancestry and is recommended for those with at least one Jewish grandparent.

The clinic is designed for couples to screen together, however we will accept those wishing to screen individually. 

Please note – this carrier testing covers severe RECESSIVE disorders only and does NOT include the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. Find out more about BRCA testing by clicking here.

Due to increased costs we will be raising the screening price for bookings made after 1st May 2023 to

  • Couples: £385
  • Individuals: £275

This is a no-contact service with pre- and post-test support delivered virtually. 

The clinic runs three times a month:

  • 1st Thursday Of The Month: 08:30-10:30 | 11:30-13:30 | 14:00-16:30
  • 3rd Wednesday Of The Month: 17:00-20:00
  • 3rd Thursday Of The Month: 11:30-13:30 | 14:00-18:30
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Jnetics would like to thank the siblings of Alan Naftalin who kindly donated funds in his memory and to donors from the Jnetics November 2013 dinner for their support with the set-up of this service.