Leave a Legacy

Taking care of your family and loved ones is obviously your first priority but leaving a gift in your will to Jnetics would play a huge part in our ability to eradicate severe, life-threatening genetic disorders from our community. What is more, gifts to charity are Inheritance Tax free and could reduce the tax payable on your estate.

Imagine being able to help save future lives after you have gone.

Jnetics are entirely reliant on donations from the community to ensure that we can continue our vital work.

Whether you have already written your will or are thinking about doing so, your solicitor will be able to add a codicil to leave:

  • a set amount of money
  • a percentage of your overall estate
  • or a percentage of the residue after your other bequests

to Jnetics, Charity Registration Number 1134935

On behalf of all our screening participants and their future children – thank you for your incredible support.

For further information please contact Emma Bergen, our Fundraising Manager Emma@Jnetics.org.