About Us

Who we are

Jnetics is the only cross communal charity in the UK dedicated to the prevention and diagnosis of Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs). We do this by raising awareness and facilitating access to the best available information, responsible carrier screening services and support for those affected and at risk.

We offer carrier screening for the most severe recessive JGDs to young adults who have at least one Jewish grandparent via the following three services:

Our aim is that all young Jewish adults find out their carrier status before embarking on parenthood.

Our mission

Jnetics aims to increase awareness and understanding of JGDs among healthcare professionals, affected families, patient groups, and the Jewish and wider community.

To promote and protect the physical and mental health of the Jewish community by the organisation and/or operation of education, screening, testing and other programmes and techniques to manage, limit or reduce the impact, occurrence, or prevalence of JGDs.

What we do

  • Education and awareness raising about recessive JGDs and BRCA-associated cancers to students, young professionals, community leaders, healthcare professionals and the wider community
  • Provision of carrier screening, in conjunction with the NHS, for severe recessive JGDs via our Jnetics Clinic, Jnetics on Campus, and Jnetics at School programmes
  • Signposting to the best available NHS and private services offering testing for the BRCA gene mutations
  • Provide extensive information about both recessive and dominant genetic disorders via our website
  • Signpost individuals, either those at risk or affected by Jewish genetic disorders, to a range of information and support resources


The following core principles guide the way in which Jnetics works:

Accessible to all

Our information and services will be available to anyone affected by or interested in Jewish genetic disorders – across all sectors of the Jewish community and wider population

Informative not directive

We work to ensure that our information is as accurate as possible, provided impartially and without judgement – supporting people to move forward in any way that best helps their personal circumstances and beliefs

Progress through collaboration

We collaborate with professional and patient groups for the benefit of all involved and ultimately for the benefit of patients and their families