Meet the Team

Jnetics Staff

Nicole Gordon


Ruthie Abenson

Finance Officer

Gaby Baigel

Services & Database Manager

Emma Bergen

Major Donor Manager

Nicole Levy

Marketing & Events Manager

Aviva Lewis

BRCA Programme Development Manager

Wendy Ornadel

Senior BRCA Programme Manager

Guila Vaz Mouyal

Education, Research & Development Manager

Samantha Wilder

Services & Database Coordinator

Ana Sajoo

Genetic Counsellor for Jnetics at NHS NW Thames Regional Genetics Service

Board of Trustees

Jnetics is managed by a board of trustees responsible for ensuring that the charity meets its objectives whilst complying with legal obligations under charity and company law. The board provides guidance for the strategic development of the charity and reviews work as it develops.

Our trustees have experience across charity management, finance and fundraising, marketing and PR, and healthcare.

Anthony Angel (Chairman)

Laura Birnbaum

Leon Blitz

Neville Goldschneider

Juliette Harris

Anthony Leon

Emma May

Monica Ziff

Honorary Patrons

Lord Leslie Turnberg

Lord David Pannick

Science and Medical Advisory Committee (SMAC)

Our expert scientific and medical advisors include scientists, clinicians, researchers, and a genetic counsellor who are all specialists in fields relating to Jewish genetic disorders.

Our advisors guide us on medical and scientific issues relating to Jewish genetic disorders; help us ensure that our information is accurate and disseminated responsibly; advise us in relation to testing; and help facilitate collaborative work that supports our objectives.

Professor Nick Lench

Co-founder and COO of Congenica Ltd, a genomic medicine company based at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge

Professor Rosalind Eeles


Professor of Oncogenetics and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology and Cancer Genetics, The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden Hospital

Dr Ian Ellis


Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Sara Levene


Consultant Genetic Counsellor & PGD Lead, The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health

Dr Simon Ramsden

PhD, FRCPath

Consultant Clinical Scientist, Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine

Educational Experts

Our educational experts are all specialists in fields relating to medical and Jewish education.

Our advisors guide us on development of the Jnetics in Schools programme.

Emma Cravitz


Emma is an educational psychologist who has worked with children in a number of London schools. She is the co-founder of Eden Primary school, Yeladenu pre-school, and is a governor of JCoSS.

Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum


Rabbi Zarum is a leading Jewish educator and theoretical physicist. He teaches at conferences and seminars, synagogues and Jewish community centres around the world.

Shelley Marsh


Shelley is the Executive Director of Reshet, The Network for Jewish Youth Provision. She is also an advisor to the Paediatric Intensive Care Units Network, training and supporting healthcare professionals in both paediatric and neonatal intensive care units across the UK.