Open Evening With Dr Adele Schneider

All those who are interested are invited to attend an evening with Dr Adele Schneider, Director of the Victor Centers for Jewish Genetics Diseases, USA, being held in Northwest London on Wed 5th Jan.

We are honoured to welcome Dr Schneider, who is not only the Director of Clinical Genetics at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia but also the Medical Director of the Victor Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases, Associate Professor of Paediatrics at Jefferson Medical College and a genetics consultant for Main Line Health and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.

Adele will be speaking about her experiences in establishing and running the Victor Centerfor Jewish Genetic Diseases and outreach work in the USA, looking at how it was approached and what has been achieved so far leading into a discussion about what could be possible in the UK.

In 1999, Dr. Schneider received funding from the Albert Einstein Society to launch the Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Disease Screening Initiative.  This offers education, outreach and genetic counselling and testing to members of the Ashkenazi Jewish community. This program became the Victor Center and focuses on the identification of carriers of recessive disorders, commonly found in this population with the ultimate goal of preventing births of affected children.