Beth Din Endorses JGD UK Community Screening

Jnetics is delighted to announce that the London Beth Din has formally endorsed our community screening initiative. In a letter dated 30 April 2014, the Beth Din noted that they are aware of ‘the very significant work being undertaken by Jnetics’ in offering testing for genetic diseases in the Ashkenazi Jewish community.

In support of screening, they go on to say that ‘we would like to emphasise that it is important that people should avail themselves of the resources available for genetic testing’ and that ‘a simple blood test can avert the incidence of tragic genetic disease by alerting carriers to the risks to their children by marrying another carrier’.

To read the letter of endorsement in full, click on the following link: Beth Din letter re: screening.

We are very pleased to receive this support for our important community screening initiative. For more information about screening or other Jnetics activities, please write to