Jnetics is funded entirely by voluntary donations and fundraising activities. The contributions of donors and efforts of voluntary fundraisers are fundamental to the continuation and development of Jnetics’s work.

There are many different ways in which you can help us with our fundraising efforts. We would be delighted to support you with any ideas you have to help us raise money for Jnetics.

Please let us know your plans so that we can help provide you with fundraising materials, which we can tailor to fit your event or activity, and other forms of support to assist your efforts.

Share Your Celebration with Jnetics

Whatever the occasion – bat/bar mitzvah, anniversary or retirement – invite your family and friends to make a donation to Jnetics, a gift that saves children’s lives and avoids family tragedies.
We will:

  • Keep you updated regularly of who has kindly given a gift in your honour (we will never disclose the individual amounts given)
  • After the “Special Occasion”, advise you the total amount given with a beautiful certificate including all the donors’ names.

If you would like to ‘Share Your Celebration’ please contact our office at or call 020 8158 5123.

Collect sponsorship for a personal challenge

Gaining sponsorship to complete a personal challenge is another effective way to help us raise awareness and funds for the work of Jnetics. The challenge could be taking part in:

  • A physical activity/event e.g. charity run, marathon, cycling, triathlon etc
  • An adventurous activity e.g. skydiving, mountain climbing, foreign trek etc
  • Achieving a personal goal e.g. sponsored weight loss

Organise your own fundraising event

You may already have a fundraising event in mind, however, here are a few popular ideas for events that could be very enjoyable and serve as a great way to raise funds.

  • Comedy evening or quiz night
  • Fancy dress or themed party e.g. 80’s disco night
  • Coffee morning or cake sale
  • An open garden event
  • Fashion show

Nominate Jnetics as your Charity of the Year

If you work for an organisation (nursery, school, synagogue etc) or company which has a Charity of the Year scheme and think that Jnetics would be a suitable charity, please nominate us for consideration.

Please do let us know if you are able to help us fundraise in anyway. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a fundraising idea, please send an e-mail to