In memory of
Debra Persey

In memory of Debra Persey, 1964-2014

Debra Persey

In the 10th year without Debra, we’re remembering what people told us 10 years ago about who she was.

A teacher, a hostess, a lover of chocolate and coffee.

She loved her family, she loved visiting Jerusalem, and she was a really good friend.

Now, we’re raising money to help others achieve the things she never did, through supporting the Jnetics NHS Jewish BRCA Testing Programme.

When she was diagnosed with cancer in 1995, no-one had really heard of the faulty BRCA gene and its implications, such as significantly increased risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Now, we can test for faulty BRCA genes, and help people access potentially life-saving risk management opportunities, such as screening, preventative surgery, or early treatment.

Thank you for donating in Debra’s memory.

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