Other Providers for Carrier Testing

Carrier testing for Jewish genetic disorders covered by the NHS

Carrier testing for Jewish genetic disorders other than Tay-Sachs is only available on the NHS to people that have a clear family history of a particular disorder.

If you do have a family history, your GP can refer you to a Regional Genetics Service for disorder-specific carrier testing where appropriate.

Private services for carrier testing

Dor Yeshorim is an organisation that offers a subsidised screening system for recessive Jewish disorders to ultra-orthodox Jews that are interested in having a ‘shidduch’ (arranged marriage). Screening results are not given to participants but an anonymous PIN system can be used to assess genetic compatibility with a potential partners.

Other private service providers that offer carrier testing in the UK for a range of Jewish genetic disorders are outlined below.

These private services are usually available directly to the public and vary in terms of the disorders that they cover, services they include, cost, and the extent to which the laboratories are regulated.

For details of each service, click on the relevant link. Please note that inclusion of the private services below by Jnetics does not represent an endorsement of their services.