It started with a ... test

Pesach 2021

When terrible things happen, you often hear people say the words ‘I never thought it would happen to me’. No-one expects to have a baby with a Jewish genetic disorder. But there is only one way of ensuring that this tragic outcome is not experienced by any more parents-to-be – and that is a simple and straightforward screening test.

The science exists. No more families need to suffer the effects of these devastating illnesses. Jnetics’ mission is to raise awareness of the genetic disorders which are more likely to affect the Jewish population, and to screen every young person in the community before they start their own families to ensure they know their risks.

This Pesach, please help us continue to provide screening tests for as many young people as possible, so that more healthy, happy babies can thrive.

If you wish to donate to Jnetics Pesach Appeal you can do so in a few ways:

Please make cheques or charity vouchers payable to ‘Jnetics’ and send to: Jnetics, Balfour House, 741 High Road, London, N12 0BP

If you wish to make a bank transfer please make a payment to:
Barclays Bank PLC
Account name: Jnetics
Sort code: 20-76-90
Account no: 03213382
Please add your name to the reference: PE21 (e.g. P21 John Smith) or email us to ensure we know who has made the payment.

Please remember to complete a Gift Aid form if appropriate.



Thank you so much for your contribution – your support has the potential to change lives.