Jnetics Breakthrough Campaign Exceeds All Expectations!

On 12th and 13th March Jnetics, the UK’s only cross-communal charity dedicated to the prevention and management of the genetic disorders that disproportionately affect the Jewish community, held its second matched-funding campaign.

The ‘Breakthrough’ Campaign harnessed a network of 170 Ambassadors, to break through their original target of £600k, raising over £765,000 and counting. Thanks to many generous donors the money raised over the 36 hours of the campaign was doubled, ensuring every pound will have double the impact.

The funds raised ensure that Jnetics will continue its screening services in Jewish schools across the country, as well as on university campuses and through the Jnetics Clinic, which is specifically aimed at young couples beginning to think about family planning. Testing a couple before they try for a baby will help couples avoid the heartbreak of conceiving a baby affected by a genetic disorder, that disproportionately affects the Jewish community.

In addition, Jnetics is working in partnership with Chai Cancer Care to engage the Jewish community in NHS England’s new BRCA Screening programme. “Jnetics has recently been appointed, in association with Chai Cancer Care, to deliver the engagement campaign in support of the new BRCA screening programme for which anybody of Jewish descent is eligible. The success of this fundraiser, together with the grant received from the NHS, will ensure we can spread the message of this breakthrough programme to our community even more widely – this will no doubt save more lives across the community,” Nicole Gordon, CEO explained

“The Breakthrough Campaign has not only raised the funds required to support recessive screening programmes in 2023, but it has also raised awareness so that more people understand how vital and life-changing testing can be,” Nicole concluded.

To donate to the Breakthrough Campaign appeal please visit www.charityextra.com/jnetics.