Talking to your GP about Jewish genetic disorders

Jewish genetic disorders are conditions that although not exclusive to Jewish people, are relatively more common in people of Jewish ancestry than in the general population. If you or a family member is Jewish and has unexplained symptoms that you believe could be a Jewish genetic disorder, you should raise these concerns with your GP.

Your GP will always consider the most obvious cause for a group of symptoms. However it is possible that they may not consider the option of a Jewish genetic disorder.  This may be because:

  • Some Jewish genetic disorders are extremely rare so your GP may not have come across the disorder before
  • Symptoms may not be specific to the disorder and may present in a similar way to the symptoms of more common conditions
  • Some disorders can exhibit a range of symptoms even within members of the same family
  • There may be no history of the disorder within your family
  • They may not know that you have Jewish ancestry

Help your doctor to help you

Ensure that your healthcare professional is aware of:

  • Your Jewish ancestry, and in particular if you are of Ashkenazi origin
  • Any relevant family history of a Jewish genetic disorder
  • Symptoms that match those of the disorder you are concerned about – compare the symptoms which are concerning you with those listed on this website and print out the relevant web page to show your doctor
  • The Jnetics web portal providing information on Jewish genetic disorders for healthcare professionals

For further support on talking to your GP about Jewish genetic disorders, do contact us at