Emily’s experience as Jnetics’ summer intern

I first heard about Jnetics when my brother underwent testing whilst at sixth form and was subsequently found to be a carrier. Following this, it was pertinent for me to undergo testing whilst at university. This led to my interest in the charity, leading me to begin volunteering as a Screening Advisor and later as an ambassador in the most recent ‘Breakthrough Campaign’. Through volunteering my knowledge and passion for the mission of Jnetics began to grow, sparking my interest in the intern position.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Jnetics as their August intern. During my time here I have learnt not only about the vital mission of the charity, but also about it’s day to day running.

My initial task was to work on strategies for reaching increased numbers of university students to be tested during University Screening Week. Having been tested myself at university, I feel it is important- despite not being at the age of family planning- to have such knowledge in order to be better prepared for the future. As a member of the Jewish community, I feel it is essential to raise awareness of these life-threatening and life shortening disorders that disproportionately affect us. Therefore, beginning at universities and at sixth forms, enables us to ensure we are educating as many people as possible. 

In order to increase awareness of the charity as a whole, alongside Nicole Levy, I created both educational and entertaining videos to be posted on TikTok and Instagram.  With this I was able to be creative in my ideas whilst still  focusing on the ideals and mission of the charity. Follow @jneticsuk on TikTok! Working alongside Nicole on the social media allowed me to get a taste of how marketing strategies are adapted in order to best reach audiences of specific age groups. Posting on social media, educating viewers about the charity as a whole, is a crucial step in increasing screening numbers both in schools and universities as well as at the clinic.

Working at Jnetics has allowed me to gain vital experience which will help me in my future career. Being part of the team has allowed me to learn from each individual about the role they play within the charity. Additionally, it has enabled me to work with the team to suggest ideas of how to further the success of the charity in it’s vital work. I am so grateful for this opportunity and will definitely be volunteering with Jnetics in the future.