15 Jun 2020

The GENEius University program goes virtual

At first we thought that COVID-19 would prevent us from continuing with our GENEius university activities, but, just as we did with the Jnetics clinic, we decided to move the programme online- starting with Oxford University!

On Tuesday 9th June, Jnetics hosted its first ever GENEius virtual screening event for Oxford University students. Screening kits were sent to the participants’ homes prior to the event, and on the day, our incredible volunteers spoke with each participant via video call, providing all the necessary pre-screening information and showing the students how to use their saliva kit and how to post it back to us.

The GENEius program fundraises in order to offer free screening to students in the hope of raising awareness of Jewish genetic disorders and highlighting the importance of being tested for them.

With the help of the medical student volunteers from the university, and huge input from their Jsoc President, Jnetics managed to screen 30 students in one evening.

Feedback from the event was extremely positive, highlighting the ease of the process and the importance of making screening the norm for all individuals.

So far, we have been to Birmingham, Leeds and Cambridge universities, as well as Oxford of course. We are planning on doing a virtual university event towards the end of the year, open to all university students – keep an eye on our social media channels for details.

Thank you to all those who participated in this screening. If you are interested in participating or volunteering at our next event give us a call or email hello@geneius.org

The Jnetics Team