01 Jan 2017

Limmud Learns About Jewish Genes

On Wednesday 28th December Jnetics’ Assistant Director Dr Joey Ziff ran a session at Limmud’s annual conference. Her talk was titled ‘Jewish Genes- What do they Mean?’, and was well attended by 40 members of the community.
She described what is meant by a Jewish genetic disorder and that advances in genetics research and medicine put Ashkenazi Jews at a great advantage- carrier status for these disorders can be easily determined and carrier couples now have more options than ever before when it comes to family planning.
Importantly, Joey told the audience about the organisation’s new GENEius initiative. To be rolled out over the next three years, the GENEius programme will focus on educating all young Jewish adults on the importance of screening for Jewish genetic disorders and facilitating access to screening. It will first be run for sixth form students in Jewish schools and will then be made accessible for University students and couples getting married through the various synagogue movements.
Joey said ‘The talk could not have gone better and we are elated that the session was so well attended. We know that these people will now be able to pass on this vital knowledge to their families. It was fantastic that many of those in the audience were health care professionals who can now educate their own patients about this important topic. We are so grateful to Limmud for facilitating this session and we look forward to speaking at their events in the future’