26 Jan 2021

“Knowledge is Power” Jnetics and Chana

Jnetics is delighted to have shared their first virtual collaborative event with Chana which took place as part of the Jnetics ‘GENEuary’ campaign on Sunday 24th January.

The evening was eloquently introduced and led by Rabbi Yoni Golker, Assistant Rabbi at St Johns Wood Synagogue. Listeners heard from leading experts Tony Angel – Chairman of Jnetics, Sara Levene – Consultant Genetic Counsellor and Dr Veronique Berman – Scientific Advisor and Community Development Manager from Chana.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis kindly recorded a video launching the Jnetics GENEuary campaign and congratulated Jnetics on the work they have been doing to raise awareness of Jewish genetic disorders. The Chief Rabbi said “All of our activities are in the finest spirit of Torah laws and Jewish tradition, thanks to Jnetics we are capable of eradicating Jewish genetic disorders within our community and preventing Jewish babies being born with life threatening or life shortening illnesses”.

Tony, Chairman of Jnetics kicked off the event sharing a personal story which touched the audience in so many ways. Hearing personal stories always puts into perspective why Jnetics do what they do and how important it is for all young adults to be screened before they start a family. To hear story’s like Tony’s, make sure you sign up for future events!

Sara Levene gave a fascinating and engaging talk which included reproductive options for those at risk of having a child with a genetic condition and Dr Veronique Berman shared how Chana work , supporting couples in the Jewish community who may feel isolated and need medical information and support to help them deal with the challenge of infertility.

At the end, guests were invited to a “Q&A” where they could ask the members of the panel questions, A number of attendees were interested on how they could sign up to the genetic screening clinic. Click here to sign up today…
The talk is available to watch again on Facebook