12 Jan 2021

Jnetics Partners with Muswell Hill Synagogue on the Importance of Screening

On Sunday 10th of January Jnetics were delighted to have had the opportunity to virtually speak to the members of Muswell Hill Synagogue. The presentation featured some very special guest speakers, Dr Juliette Harris Genetic Counsellor / Researcher and a carrier couple Lauren and Richard Kayser. They educated the members of Muswell Hill Synagogue on the importance of carrier screening for the community and the screening programmes Jnetics offer.
Dr Harris spoke in depth about the science and biological side behind carrier screening using a visual presentation she had put together and Lauren and Richard kindly shared their inspiring story. Lauren and Richard heard of Jnetics through a friend’s Facebook post; they both then got tested through the Jnetics screening programme and when their results returned, the couple found out they are both carriers of Tay Sach’s disease. The Kayser Family feel beyond blessed to have three beautiful healthy children but without Jnetics they may not have been so fortunate, and the thought doesn’t even bare thinking about.
There was an opportunity for Members to ask questions throughout and after the presentation and we hope the members of Muswell Hill found the event informative, interesting and will share their new knowledge throughout the Jewish community.
We’d like to thanks Rabbi Mason and Beth Franks from Muswell Hill for having us and look out for future talks taking place over the coming months