08 Sep 2017

Jnetics Feature In The Jewish Chronicle

This week The Jewish Chronicle followed their special edition on genetic illnesses last November by publishing a news feature emphasising the lifesaving tests that we provide.

Through an interview with the Jnetics Executive Director, Katrina Sarig, The Jewish Chronicle highlighted how we provide services that have the potential to eliminate the tragic and utterly preventable genetic conditions that are so prevalent within the Jewish community today.

One such service is the clinic that we are opening together with the NHS in Barnet Hospital. Gael Ganz, a genetic counsellor within the North West Regional Genetics Service who regularly works together with Jnetics, described this to the Jewish Chronicle as an exciting development that is important in bringing the level of care in UK Jewish community up to par with everywhere else.

Greg Blank, Project and Programme Manager, described a larger scale initiative we’ve been working on called the GENEius programme. This currently focuses on providing and enabling education and screening for year 12 students in Jewish high schools, but aims to be able to reach all Jewish students in all schools.

Moreover, the Jewish Chronicle spoke to students who had taken part in the GENEius programme. These students gave personal accounts of their experience with us, and strongly recommend that other students utilise the valuable services that Jnetics provide. As Larra Murray points out The Jewish Chronicle, their is no price you would put on something so essential to the health of your future children.

If you would like to be screened, we are hosting a screening event this Tuesday evening, 12th September. You can sign up for this by following this link.

Lastly, as described in The Jewish Chronicle’s leader article, we rely on generous donations in order for us to continue to deliver and expand on the vital services that we offer. If you are able to contribute please donate by following this link.

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