14 Mar 2018

Jnetics Business Breakfast – An Incredible Success!

After months of planning, the Jnetics Business Breakfast took place yesterday morning, Tuesday 13th March, at the Sheraton Grand, Park Lane.
The Breakfast was attended by almost 240 people and an amazing total of just over £90,000 was raised.
Apart from enjoying their breakfast, guests had the opportunity to listen to guest speaker and award-winning journalist, author, and broadcaster, Jonathan Freedland.
Jonathan spoke on the topic of ‘Trump: How worried should we be?’, after which Katrina Sarig, Jnetics’ executive director, told guests about the amazing progress the charity has made in the past 12 months, with the launch of GENEius and opening of the Barnet Clinic.
Trustee, Ruth Angel, also addressed the crowd with a moving and heartfelt appeal for support.
Jnetics would like to express their thanks to all the breakfast guests for their incredible generosity, and to all the people, staff and others, who made this fantastic event possible.