26 Apr 2021

Jnetics Bakes Babka!

On Thursday 22nd April 2021 over 50 people joined us at our virtual “Babka Bake” event on zoom. Prior to the event all participants were sent an ingredients and equipment list to prepare for the babka bake. Jnetics partnered with Tanya Ohana from “Garlic & Ganache” who demonstrated in a fun and lively way how to make chocolate and vanilla babka. Aish Young Professionals, Young US, Magen Avot and St Johns Wood Synagogue were also partners in the Babka bake.


The evening was introduced by Hannah Skolnick Young, US Events Executive. Following Hannah’s introduction, Tanya from Garlic & Ganache demonstrated how to prepare the babka dough. Whilst the dough was left to rise, participants tuned into a short presentation from Jnetics Research, Development and Outreach Manager, Aviva Lewis who spoke about the wonderful work that Jnetics do and shared the science behind autosomal recessive inheritance and our screening programme.


Aviva then handed over to a “carrier couple” identified by Jnetics who bravely shared their personal story to the audience which thanks to Jnetics had a positive outcome.

Participants then continued to make the filling and finish decorating their babkas. One participant shared that “the smell in her kitchen when the babka baked was amazing but she couldn’t say the same about the mess of her kitchen!”


The evening concluded with a raffle, where 5 fabulous prizes that had kindly been donated were won by participants. Nicole Gordon CEO concluded the evening by asking participants to help Jnetics spread the word about their screening programme and thanked all the partners, participants for coming and the Jnetics team of whom without the event would not have been possible.


This was a free event but so that so that we can continue to deliver our life-saving services, please visit  jnetics.org/donate to make a donation .