08 Feb 2018

Jnetics At Manchester Limmud

Manchester Day Limmud took place on Sunday 4th February, and like last time, Jnetics were on the agenda.

To a room full of Limmud go-ers, Katrina, our executive director, gave a fascinating session about preventing Jewish genetic disorders, Jnetics’ newest initiative- GENEius, and our plans to replicate our services outside of London. The audience heard about the newly launched carrier screening service- The Virtual Clinic- that was designed specifically for provincial Jewish communities like the Manchester one. With the clinic, individuals in these places can finally have ongoing access to the life-saving carrier screening that we have Jnetics has been offering (predominantly in London) since 2014. The session was of course interactive, with many people offering their valuable advice about how to raise our profile up-north and publicise the clinic.

Jnetics was also lucky enough to have a stand at the Shuk. Many people who didn’t attend Katrina’s session popped to our stall to find out more about what we do and what we are planning for the Manchester Jewish community.

All it all it was a successful day- one of our first steps towards putting Jnetics on the map in Manchester.