05 Mar 2013

JGD UK Presents At Harrow Limmud

On the 3rd March, Jnetics presented a session at the Limmud Day in Harrow. Over 500 people attended the day which features talks on a diverse range of interesting topics.

The Jnetics session was entitled ‘Jewish genetic disorders: Empowering our community’ and was attended by a good crowd. Katrina Sarig began the session by speaking about the charity, its current activities and future plans to improve the prevention, diagnosis and management of Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs).

This was followed by a hugely informative talk by Sara Levene, principal genetic counsellor at Guy’s Hospital and a member of the Jnetics scientific and medical advisory committee. Sara provided an overview of JGDs and testing services available – highlighting the current service at Guy’s Hospital which offers carrier testing for 9 severe JGDS (click on the Guy’s link above for more information). She also reviewed the options available for couples who are carriers of the same JGD – including an insightful introduction to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Numerous questions were raised by attendees throughout the talks and the session ended with an interesting discussion.
The Limmud Day in Harrow was a great success and Jnetics was proud to have been a part of this exciting community event and awareness-raising opportunity.

If you would like to learn more about Jnetics’s services or are interested in being involved in our awareness-raising or other activities, please contact us at: info@jnetics.org