05 Jul 2012

JGD UK Is Now On Twitter!

Jnetics is very excited to be joining the twittersphere!

We are working hard to raise awareness of Jewish genetic disorders and to provide information on the best available information, services and support… and we’re now using Twitter to help us towards these goals. Twitter is a free internet service which allows people to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of short bites of information called Tweets.  People use Twitter to find out the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about people and organisations they find interesting and / or care about.

If you’re not already a Tweeter or a Follower, you can sign up at Twitter.com

How is JGDUK using Twitter?
We are posting links to related articles and sharing information on the latest thinking, advances and testing for genetic disorders.  Through Twitter we can respond first hand to any comments and spread the word on the work we’re doing.

Want to be kept up to date on the very latest information on genetic disorders?
Please follow us at @jgduk and spread the word to your friends and anyone else you think would be interested.

Got something you’d like to share?
If you come across something that you think would be of interest to Jnetics please send it over to us by e-mail or twitter and we will ‘re-tweet’ to share it with all our ‘followers’.

Happy tweeting from Jnetics!