16 May 2014

JGD UK Holds Another Successful Community Screening

Following the first-ever Jnetics community screening in Feb, we ran another successful session on Sunday 11 May at Kinloss, Finchley Synagogue.

Working in partnership with both Great Ormond Street Hospital and Guy’s Hospital, the Jnetics screening offered a carrier test that covers 9 of the most severe genetic disorders (including Tay-Sachs) that disproportionately affect the Ashkenazi Jewish community.

The test involved taking a single blood sample which will be analysed to see whether an individual is a carrier of any of the 9 Jewish genetic disorders. ‘Carriers’ would not themselves be affected but will be at risk of passing on a genetic condition to their children if their partner is also a carrier for the same condition (please click on introduction to genetics for further information about inheritance and risk).

Over 40 participants turned up and had their bloods taken. Our amazing team of screening advisors along with our very experienced phlebotomists worked together to ensure that the whole process was flawless.

One happy participant commented,“we really found it very helpful and kind and you made the experience as comfortable as possible.”

Keep an eye out for more community screenings in the future. We are hoping to go on the road and head up to Manchester in the autumn. If you are interested in being screened or able to help us in Manchester please e-mail us at: screening@jnetics.org.

Jnetics would like to thank the siblings of Alan Naftalin who kindly donated funds in his memory to support the set-up of this service and to donors from the Jnetics dinner (Nov 2013) who have also enabled the delivery of this screening initiative this year.