26 Jan 2011

JGD UK At Limmud 2010

Jnetics hosted a talk at Limmud in December 2010 entitled “Jewish Genes, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.  Over 60 people attended our lively talk and discussion, which was led by 3 leaders in their field.

Dr Ian Ellis opened an entertaining but thorough overview of the world of genetics, with a Jewish flavour.  Although the tone was light, the content was serious, with clear explanations and explorations of what Jewish genes might mean, how they might have come about, and what the future might hold.  Sara Levene followed, introducing clinical conditions and disorders which are related to genes, and which are more common in the Jewish community.

Dr Adele Schneider, who came over from the USA especially to speak with us at Limmud, gave a talk showing the remarkable work which the Victor Center has done in the States, to raise awareness among Jewish communities and to introduce screening programmes to communities who had never done this before.

The talk was rounded off by Sara Levene who spoke once again, and gave a provocative view of the options open to the Jewish community in the UK; whether to seek improvement of services via the NHS and governmental bodies, or whether the Jewish community should explore alternative routes.

There were no shortage of questions afterwards, from an audience which included GPs, paediatricians, people affected by genetic disorders, and interested members of the public.  JDG UK was proud to have been able to present the talk, and delighted that there was such a good turn-out for what was our first public presentation.

For more information about this talk, or about any activities of Jnetics, please contact info@jnetics.org