09 Sep 2021

JC Journalist first to take new Jnetics test

Before August bank holiday Monday, Jnetics featured in the Jewish Chronicle as we had some exciting news to share with the community. Previously we carrier screened for nine Jewish genetic disorders for Jewish people with Ashkenazi heritage however the new test carrier screens for 47 disorders across Jewish people with Ashkenazi AND Sephardi heritage.  For a full list of the conditions we now test for please click here.

Journalist, Mathilde Frot took part in our new test and together with her partner were the first couple to be screened for the new number of conditions. Mathilde wrote about her experience of being screened through the Jnetics clinic, to read her full article in the JC please click here.

If you would like to be screened for our new number of conditions and sign up to the Jnetics clinic, for individuals click here or for Couple Screening click here.