12 Dec 2017

It’s A Record! GENEius At Three Schools In Six Weeks

This month, Jnetics is going to set a record. By the end of the day on 20th of December, the GENEius programme will have been successfully delivered in three Jewish high schools in London, and all in just six weeks.

GENEius is Jnetics’ education and screening programme, launched just over a year ago. It is aimed at Year 12 students in Jewish high schools, and has to key element- education and screening. First, students attend an interactive session where they are introduced to the concept of Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs). There is a particular focus on severe recessive JGDs and the importance of carrier screening in their prevention. A week or so later, the Jnetics team returns to the school to run an optional carrier screening event. By choosing to taking part in the event, students can find out if they carry one (or more) of nine severe recessive JGDs, providing them with important information for their future.

In the 6 weeks spanning from early November to Mid-December, Year 12 students in three of the main Jewish high schools in London will have had the privilege of taking part in GENEius.  Since the second week of November, the programme has already been smoothly delivered in JCoSS and Yavneh College and in-so-doing, Jnetics have educated approximately 250 students, and screened just under 180. In the coming week, the team will be attending King Solomon High school in Essex twice- once for the education session and once for the optional GENEius screening event.

What’s more, by end of 2017, Jnetics will have delivered GENEius in 6 high schools, exceeding the target set for the programme’s first year. Amazingly, this total will increase to 8 schools in 2018, and will include King David High School in Manchester too.

Visit the Jnetics/GENEius Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see the GENEius programme in action and watch out for further updates on this page of our the Jnetics website.

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