28 Jan 2021

Interview with our new Intern Nicole

Our Intern Nicole Levy joined Jnetics on Monday 4th January and is already almost a month into her new role! We wanted to share with you what she has to say about what a day in the life is like as an Intern working at Jnetics…

What made you change to the charity sector?

I’ve always liked the idea of working within a community where everyone works together to raise awareness for a worthy cause and achieve a common goal.

What made you want to work at Jnetics?
Jnetics raises awareness of the importance of carrier screening amongst young Jewish professionals and makes a difference to the health of the future Jewish generation to come. I am the future generation, so I feel that Jnetics is a charity I can relate to and who can help my friends, Young Professionals all over the country and I in the future to prepare for our future families.

What Is your day looking like now from start to finish?

My day always starts with a zoom or teams meeting with my colleagues and often we can have numerous meetings a day as we are all working from home. I love how varied my role is as I get involved in all different projects within the Charity including Social Media, Administration, Data, Event Planning, writing Blog Posts and much more!

What music do you listen to while you work?

Usually the sound of my colleague’s voices as we’re nearly always in meetings otherwise a bit of Omer Adam always goes down well.

What your favourite thing about working from home?

The extra hour in bed in the morning 

Do you have any advice for people looking for internships?

Internships are a great way of finding out if you will enjoy a role/career path without committing to a job fully you may be uncertain about. Prior to joining Jnetics I worked in Recruitment for 3 years so moving to the charity sector was something that I was interested in but wasn’t sure it’s exactly what I wanted to do next as I’d never done it before. I am so grateful to the Jnetics team for the opportunity as I am really enjoying working with them and looking forward to each day as every day is different and the role is so varied which makes it an exciting, fun place to work.