04 Dec 2012

GPs And Genes – Forum On JGDs Hosted By Chana

On Wednesday 28th November, Chana hosted a GP forum called ‘GPs and Genes’. The session was well attended by a group of Jewish GPs interested in learning more about Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs) and what they can offer their patients in terms of testing and support.

Sara Levene, principal genetic counsellor at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and a member of the Jnetics Science and Medical Advisory Committee, began the educational part of the evening by talking about ‘testing and service options for genetic conditions in the Jewish community’. She provided an overview of JGDs and spoke about the pilot service at Guy’s Hospital which offers carrier testing for 9 severe Jewish genetic disorders. She then presented up-to-date information about pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) as an option for couples who find themselves both carriers of the same JGD.

Devora Gelley, support worker at Chana then shared stories of how JGDs have affected people that approach Chana for emotional and financial support through the fertility challenge.

Katrina Sarig concluded the session by providing an introduction to the aims and activities of Jnetics that focus on improving the prevention, diagnosis and management of JGDs. She highlighted the main services provided by Jnetics including our online ‘Got a question?’ resource, which enables anyone to email questions directly to our genetics information specialist via this website.

The GPs had lots of questions about JGDs, their inheritance pattern and what can be done to help prevent their occurrence. All attendees expressed a strong interest in the work of Jnetics stating it’s vital importance to the communities they serve, as well as offering their help in spreading the word.

If you would like to learn more about this or future GP forums – or have any questions about Jnetics’s services and other activities, please contact us at: info@jnetics.org.