19 Nov 2019

GENEius visits Leeds for uni screening

For Mitzvah Day 2019, Jnetics ran their second GENEius university screening at Leeds!

Over 75 students were screened in Leeds on 17th November to celebrate Mitzvah Day.  Students came from all over Yorkshire including Leeds university students, Leeds sixth formers as well as students from as far as Durham who came especially to get screened.


The event was a great success and could not have been possible without our brilliant student and community volunteers who helped with everything from being screening advisers to running our social media on the day. We so appreciate their time and enthusiasm!


We hope to visit more university campuses soon to provide students with more valuable knowledge than their degree will provide – whether they are a carrier for Jewish genetic disorders. It is the easiest test you’ll take, just a small saliva sample, and the test is positive no matter the result!