19 Feb 2020

GENEius Takes Cambridge University

They say 3rd times a charm, and that is definitely what we felt on Sunday at our third university GENEius screening event in Cambridge.

On 16 February 2020, we traveled to Cambridge where we spent the day screening students, spreading awareness about the importance of screening, and handing out free sushi to those who got screened.

The GENEius program fundraises in order to offer free screening to students in the hope of raising awareness of Jewish genetic disorders and highlighting the importance of being tested for them.

With the help of over 20 volunteers from both the university and the local community, Jnetics managed to screen 101 students!

Prior to the event, Jnetics received tons of support from the local community as well as from Cambridge University’s JSOC and Chaplain. Their help and input were crucial to the event and allowed it to be as successful as it was.

Sylvie Hodes, President of Cambridge JSOC, wrote: “Jnetics does brilliant work, providing such a simple and effective way to test for something so important… Offering these screenings in universities means that more and more people know about what it means to be a carrier, and if they carry one of the disorders themselves. This means they are in the best position to make educated decisions about their future and their future family.”

Feedback from the event was extremely positive, highlighting the ease of the process and the importance of making screening the norm for all individuals.

We are currently searching for where to go next. So far, we have been to Birmingham, Leeds and, now, Cambridge in our GENEius University program. If you would like your university to be next, email us at hello@geneius.org or give us a call!

Thank you to all those who participated in this screening. And keep an eye out: your university might be next!

The Jnetics Team