18 Nov 2012

Community Hero Recognition For Ian And Jane Pearl

We are proud to announce that one of our trustees, Ian Pearl, and his wife Jane were recognised at the Jewish News Community Hero Awards last night. Having already been chosen for the final shortlist, Ian and Jane were ‘highly commended’ for their fantastic contribution to Jnetics and their brilliant management of their son’s health challenges.

Their son, Chanochi, is an adorable three year old who has Familial Dysautonomia (FD) – a serious life limiting genetic condition that almost exclusively affects Ashkenazi Jews. By sharing their story, family photos and producing a film about the experience of living with FD (please click on Jane’s Story) Jane and Ian have made a real difference to improving awareness of FD and the other genetic disorders that disproportionately affect the Jewish community.

Laura Marks, founder and director of Mitzvah Day, who presented the award noted that they had never previously been a ‘highly commended’ category but created it this year for Jane and Ian as they were so close to winning the award and deserved a special acknowledgement.  The actual winner was 87-year old Stanley Comras who has been volunteering tirelessly for Jewish Care among other good causes for the past two decades. Huge congratulations to Stanley as well as Ian and Jane for recognition of their much-deserved ‘hero’ status.