Jnetics provides its service with the partnership and support of several external institutions and bodies.

Service Provider Partners

Fulgent Genetics is an accredited US-based laboratory responsible for testing all Jnetics samples. The lab recieves, processes and analyses samples, using the most up to date technology to look for mutations in genes associated with disorders that have increased prevalence in the Jewish community. Fulgent then securely reports the results to our dedicated genetic counsellor at North West Thames Regional Genetics who disseminates results to participants.

North West Thames Regional Genetics, based at Northwick Park Hospital, is Jnetics’ clinical genetics partner. A dedicated genetic counsellor from the department runs our bi-monthly Jnetics Clinic, oversees the clinical aspect of school and university events, reports all results and provides follow-up support and signposting when necessary.


Project Partners

Breaking Down Barriers (BDB) is a project run by Alstrom Syndrome UK and funded primarily by the Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust. The purpose of this project is to strengthen the ability of patient organisations and support groups to develop supportive and inclusive services for individuals and families affected by genetic disorders. BDB works  in partnership with 26 organisations, inclduding Jnetics, who join together to share examples of good practice and develop new guidelines to highlight effective ways to support families at an increased chance of having a child with a genetic condition.

Befriend Your Boobs (BYB) is a one hour educational programme run by Dr Michelle Ferris that informs sixth form girls about the lifestyle and genetic risks of breast cancer. It is delivered in several North West London schools with a high proportion of Jewish and immigrant students.



Our work is formally endorsed by the following organisations:

  • The Office of The Chief Rabbi
  • The Federation
  • The London Beth Din
  • The Sephardi Beth Din
  • The Board of Deputies
  • The Jewish Leadership Council
  • Masorti Judaism
  • Reform Judaism
  • Liberal Judaism
  • Jewish Care
  • Pajes
  • University Jewish Chaplaincy
  • The Union of Jewish Students