What We Do

Jnetics is involved in a wide range of activities to achieve our core objectives. We focus on three core areas: raising awareness/education, providing information, and offering carrier screening for severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders (JGD).

Raising awareness

Much of our awareness-raising work takes place via our GENEius programme. GENEius provides education to all Year 12 students at Jewish secondary schools, to Jewish university students, and engaged couples by working with various synagogue movements so that JGD information is provided as part of the pre-marriage process.

In addition, our activities include PR campaigns in the Jewish press and via social media channels; presentations and group discussions at synagogues and schools; and targeted events with rabbis, community leaders and medical professionals to broaden community understanding, and management, of JGDs.

Providing information

Through our website and other resources we help enable people to find the best information, services and support in the UK for those affected by Jewish genetic disorders.  All are information is provided impartially and without judgement, helping people to manage their situations in the way that best fits their personal beliefs and circumstances.

With funding from Jeans for Genes we have developed a ‘signposting’ service that includes a facility to send individual questions directly, and in confidence, to our genetics information specialist.

Carrier screening for severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders

Jnetics works in conjunction with the NHS to provide the UK Jewish community with accessible, responsible and affordable carrier screening for the 47 of the most severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders. The test offered by Jnetics is relevant for those with Ashkenazi, Sephardi/Mizrahi or mixed ancestry.

The genetic testing is done by Fulgent Genetics, an accredited US-based laboratory, while the clinical genetics department in Northwick Park Hospital (North West Thames Regional Genetics) provides the NHS genetic counsellors involved in several aspects of the screening, namely pre and post-test counselling of participants.

Screening is provided via the Jnetics clinic as well as distinct screening events delivered as part of the GENEius programme. 


If you are interested in helping us to progress our activities, please visit our get involved section.