About The Jnetics Clinic

The Jnetics Clinic operates virtually via video call. Individuals – book your appointment here. Couples, book your appointment here. Once you have booked your appointment and filled the registration form, we will then send a screening pack to you in the post (including a saliva sample kit).  The genetic counsellor will send you a ZOOM link in advance of the appointment. During the call she will give you instructions about providing your sample and posting it back to us/the lab.

About The Jnetics Clinic

Jnetics offers carrier testing for severe genetic disorders that are of particular relevance to people with Jewish ancestry via The Jnetics Clinic

The test offered at the clinic is suitable for those with Ashkenazi, Sephardi/Mizrahi or mixed ancestry and is recommended for those with at least one Jewish grandparent 

The clinic is designed for couples to screen together, however we will accept those wishing to screen individually. 

This is a no-contact service with pre- and post-test support delivered virtually. 

The clinic runs twice a month:

  • 1st Thursday Of The Month: 0830-0930 | 1030-1300 | 1330-1630
  • 3rd Thursday Of The Month: 1130-1330 | 1400-1830




Who is eligible for screening at the Jnetics Clinic?

Screening is available for anyone aged 16 and over and who is of Jewish descent, having at least one Ashkenazi or Sephardi/Mizrahi grandparent. 

The clinic is designed for couples to screen together, however we will accept those wishing to screen individually. 

The test is particularly important for couples who are planning to start or expand their existing family, either now or in the future.

Screening pre-conception is preferable as it gives couples the greatest number of reproductive options, should they both be identified as carriers for the same disorder. However, pregnant women/ couples are still eligible to take part. 

If you will be over 11 weeks pregnant by time of your appointment, please contact us at screening@jnetics.org so that we can discuss with you the implications and options available for screening in later stage pregnancy.

Which disorders are covered?

The test offered at The Jnetics Clinic covers 47 recessive disorders with increased prevalence in either those with Ashkenazi or Sephardi/Mizrahi ancestry. Optional screening for Fragile X Syndrome, a prevalent X-linked recessive disorder is also available for females taking part. The genetic counsellor will provide more information during your appointment to help you to decide whether to opt for Fragile X screening. 

The disorders covered are: 

  • Severe, debilitating, incurable and life limiting – many are fatal in childhood
  • Inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, with the exception of Fragile X Syndrome
  • More prevalent amongst those with Jewish ancestry compared to the general population, with the exception of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (add link)
  • Preventable via carrier screening 

For a full list of the disorders covered, including common symptoms, outlook, carrier frequencies and the associated at-risk populations, please click here

What is carrier screening and why have it?

Carrier screening involves taking a saliva sample from an individual and testing it to identify if that person is a ‘carrier’ of a genetic condition.

Carriers of recessive conditions are NOT typically affected themselves but are at high risk of passing on a genetic disorder to their children if their partner is also a carrier of the SAME disorder.

Carrier screening helps you to identify if you and your partner are at increased risk of passing on a severe genetic disorder and enables you to consider the different options available to reduce the chances of having an affected child.

For more information about options for carrier screening for JGDs, please click here

What does the screening process involve?

1) Online Registration- this includes picking an appointment time, completing an online form and paying the screening fee. Participants must register no later than one week prior to the selected appointment date.

2) Receiving the Screening Pack – participants receive a screening pack in the post with everything they need for the appointment. This includes forms and a saliva collection kit.

3) Video Appointment via Zoom with Genetic Counsellor– participants receive a zoom link ahead of the appointment. During the zoom call, the genetic counsellor (GC) answers any outstanding questions and guides the participants through the consent process.The participants then provide a saliva sample.

4) Posting the Completed Saliva Kit – the participants post the completed saliva kit to Jnetics. Jnetics sends it on to the lab.

5) Receiving Results– participants receive their results by email from the GC 8-10 weeks after the appointment (or 4-5 weeks for those who are pregnant). Those identified as carriers are offered a follow-up call with the GC for further information, advice and referrals, if relevant.

How much does the test cost and how can I pay?

The subsidised screening costs are as follows:

  • Couples: £350
  • Individuals: £250

These amounts directly cover the lab testing costs and clinical admin. Additional costs involved in delivering the service and providing counselling support are being subsidised by Jnetics in order to keep price as low as possible. 

Payment needs to be made online when completing the online registration form.

If you are interested in screening but are unable to afford the subsidised amount please contact us at screening@jnetics.org as there may be an option to offer some limited financial assistance.

Why test as a couple?

Getting tested together is often the preferable option for couples who are planning a pregnancy in the near future.  Testing a couple simultaneously avoids the anxiety and time-loss associated with waiting twice, should one partner be identified as a carrier first. 

Having both sets of results at once, allows the couple to have all the information needed for the best decision-making and a personalised risk assessment. 

How can I register?


1st Thursday of the month:
0830-0930 | 1030-1230 | 1310-1630
3rd Thursday of the month:
1130-1330 | 1410-1830

Click here to book an appointment


Jnetics would like to thank the siblings of Alan Naftalin who kindly donated funds in his memory and to donors from the Jnetics November 2013 dinner for their support with the set-up of this service.