A GENEius Record- Three Screenings, Two Cities, One Week!

Last week the Jnetics team hit a record by delivering three GENEius screening events in just a few days. In fact, two of the screening events took place on one day but in separate cities.

On Thursday 28th of June, the London team went to Hasmonean Boys High School to screen their Y12 students. Then on Sunday 1st July, they delivered an all-in-one education and screening event to the youth leaders of RSY (Reform Synagogue Youth), who were spending the weekend planning the youth movement’s summer camp.

Made possible by Jnetics’ expansion to the north, another screening event was delivered on Sunday July 1st too. This was for 16-18 year old’s in the Leeds Jewish community. The screening was delivered in conjunction with the LJOY, the youth group of Leeds’ three orthodox Jewish Synagogues.

The event in Leeds had an extra-special element too. LJOY’s youth worker presented Jnetics’ Northern Development Officer with a generous cheque on behalf of the organisation. The money was raised by LJOY’s youth during an Apprentice-style fundraising challenge that took place at the end of last year.

All 3 events were highly successful, made possible too by a selection of devoted volunteers. Overall, the three sessions allowed Jnetics to screen over 80 young Jewish adults for 9 of the most severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders. This will give them the knowledge they need to effectively manage the risk of passing on one of these conditions to their children in their future.