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 29 Mar 2017

GENEius Programme Triumph at Hasmonean Girls High School

Over the past two weeks, the Year 12 students at Hasmonean Girls High Schools had the opportunity to be the first ever students to participate in The GENEius Programme.

On Monday 20th March, the whole Year 12 cohort took part in the GENEius Education Session. This was comprised of an interactive and thought provoking presentation given by professional scientific communicator Dr Emily Grossman. Using slides, role play, videos, and lots of audience participation, Emily educated the students about severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders and how these conditions can be prevented by carrier screening. Importantly, the students were informed of their schools’ in-house GENEius screening event, scheduled a week later, and directed to the brand new GENEius website to register if they desired. 

The subsequent GENEius Screening Event that took place at the school on Monday 27th of March was an equally positive experience. Helped by a devoted group of volunteers, the GENEius team was able to provide students with a smooth and friendly screening experience. Students were in an out in 10 minutes; they simply arrived at their pre-booked timeslot, met with a screening advisor for a short consultation, provided their sample in ‘saliva booths’ and were then free to return to class. There was a clear enthusiasm amongst the cohort for Jnetics and its cause, and in fact, many students signed up to become GENEius Ambassadors at the event too.

It is Jnetics’ goal for 2017, that all Year 12 students in London’s main six Jewish high schools have the privilege, like the Hasmonean Girls, to participate in The GENEius Programme. Dates for the launch of GENEius in several other schools have already been confirmed and the GENEius team are sure that the experience in these places will be just as successful as it was in Hasmonean Girls.   

To see our pictures of the GENEius screening, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,  and go to to learn more about the programme, what it aims to achieve and how.

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