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GENEius Programme

The GENEius Programme is a pioneering education and screening initiative delivered by Jnetics. It is designed to eliminate severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs) from the UK Jewish community and aims to do so by targeting young Jewish adults in 3 main groups; sixth form students, university students, and couples going through the synagogue pre-marriage process.

The educational element of the programme informs young Jewish adults about the significance of JGDs and the value of carrier screening.The screening element of the programme provides young Jewish adults with access to responsible and affordable screening, allowing them to identify whether or not they are carriers of one or more recessive JGD.

Armed with the knowledge of their carrier status, young adults can then make informed choices to help avoid the risk of passing on one of the severe recessive JGDs to their future children.

Understand your Jewish genes - takecontrol of your future.

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